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This is Brooke. She’s a new client and we took a couple of test head shots today.

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There’s something about Mary the Pie Lady.

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Every year on National Pie day, my friend Mary Schile hosts a benefit fund raiser for Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research. A small donation gets you some great pie and some fantastic pie songs from local area bands. This year Mary invited me out to shoot a few shots of the event. It was a hoot. That’s Mary in her best red pie outfit. This years event was held at the Salmon Bay Elks Club in Ballard. I hope to see you there next year on Nation Pie Day.

Radom shots from last nights wedding.

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Nice candid black and white from tonights wedding.

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Camera, Caon 5D MK II. Lens Canon 70-200 L f2.8. Available light.

Here’s a nice shot of Jennifer

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There was a nice sun room at the home I was shooting for Jennifer. Lucky for us, it was a cloudy day giving us a nice soft light for a quick portrait.

The Amazon Kindle makes a nice prop item.

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I was shooting a house today, when I decided that an empty end table needed a little something. I asked the agent to get me a coffee cup and a book. The home owner offered us his Kindle. The image seen on the Kindle is in fact the actual image that was on it with no touch up. Very nice.