Well we’re back from Cannon Beach.

Well we’re back from Cannon Beach. By Sunday morning, the winter weather there had returned to a more normal gray and drizzley day. Still beautiful but different.

The second shot was a group of birders heading towards Haystack Rock. When we visited in August Haystack rock was filled with all sorts of bird life. My favorite were the puffins. The were fat birds who launched themselves off the rock like space shuttles returning to earth, not starting forward flight until they had sufficient air speed to make it easy for them. I didn’t see many birds this time. I suspect that they have all migrated south for the winter. On the other hand, maybe this group of Birders know something I didn’t. They had some mighty big scopes.

The third  image is the inside of the Sleepy Monk Organic Coffee Roasters. I referred to them yesterday as the Sleeping Monk Coffee Roasters.. Even tough I got the name wrong, they’re are still one of my favorite espresso places. I bought a pound of their free trade, organic espresso blend on my way out of town. You can order coffee beans from them online at. http://www.sleepymonkcoffee.com
One of the great things about Cannon beach are the dogs. There are so many beaches that don’t allow dogs. Cannon Beach is dog heaven. Think of it as a dog park that’s 5 miles long. The owners are great about respecting the beach, and I have never seen or stepped in anything on the beach. The Hallmark Hotel where we stayed, actually supplies dog owners with a welcome package that includes some essential items that your dog might need at the beach. You know, like sunglasses. Just kidding. It has towels and pet waste bags.

~ by danachatz on January 25, 2010.

One Response to “Well we’re back from Cannon Beach.”

  1. Another great set. I love the ambience of the Coffee shop. I’ve never had organic coffee, I bet it’s good.

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